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Wisdom Sticks

I find it perplexing (but well worth the effort);

To take note of my most recent (social media) post...

And the positive feedback that I received,

for simply being myself.

The first picture didn't "Do It Justice" as I said...

But this one does.

Equally so, I find it fascinating how, the person I created LIFE with, have since separated from and is going on 7 years of successfully co-existing with me (not always turbulence free), used to tell the patients on our table...who were so self-conscious about their natural changes;

"Those are just wisdom sticks...". That's what he would say. *Chiropractors get the first view of hair changing. Aside from your hairstylist of course.


I would chuckle to myself. Maybe shake my head. I would press the buttons on the computer, clicking the data away.

Data Entry:

Not of what he was saying but of what I was seeing. How the people on the table, transformed. Once given the permission to be comfortable with themselves in the company of a rock strong presence. Transformed into the comfort of their own healing. Scared. About being different. But they did it. And 9 out of 10 times, they healed...


As I plugged whatever needed to be typed into the computer at that time;

that of which was needed,

to make the business turn and churn,

acting more like the front end;

despite the fact that I too was a doctor...

I was female...and some refused to see me...even though I was doing a lot of the leg work of their care... as I pressed the buttons;

I tandem, suppressed my yuck filled energy;

about this all...

The chauvinism, from masculine and feminine alike.

And I would preoccupy myself as I would think outside the box.

I would press those buttons and type away;

like a robot,

whatever needed to go into the computer,

it went...

to make that business turn and churn;

the butter that fed my babies.

And I am glad I did. My partner in business appreciated my role in building LIFE and to this day still provides me the benefits of owning my own business. Or two. Something I set out to do looooong before I met him. And then got beautifully side tracked by birthing, rebirthing, rearing; loving and recovering.

Data Entry:

I was good at it. Typing, internal logging or external. Fast, pretty accurate. Reasonable Rolodex skills...fair amounts of mistakes but nothing too inhibiting. I learned on an imaginary typewriter, right beside my grandmother, in a nursing home, long before HIPPA existed, and mimicked typing those executive notes. We had perfect posture and shook our head with unrelenting understanding, just like a good girl-grown woman would do. This is the grandmother that didn't raise me;

But always picked me up when I was dropped. No matter the time or day.

I also find it peculiar that hair, to some cultures, is representative of the nervous system. And by some, are known to help balance the electromagnetic field of our body. I find it peculiar that just as I decided to grow mine gray...this surge of positive feelings and expression also grew.

Additionally pertinent and pleasing to my super UBER inner nerd,

I find it worth noting that, I, along with my ancestors,

confirmed by my travels around the world, not the entire world, but more than I had expected,

it is believed,

that hair,

may carry the coding of our ancestry and make it easier to plug in, tune in, and receive messages from a higher consciousness of experienced beings.


I deduce, that without even knowing it,

probably by repeating something that his recently, late, grandpa probably used to say;

Because God or a Shaman (maybe both) knows, he is a lot like his good, good grandpa...

The Doc,

"He" was right after all.

"Wisdom Sticks."


Hearing things clearer these day.

Seeing them too.

Perhaps I am finally stepping into my Own.

I hope so. Because ...

It was A LOT of stepping stones in unfamiliar territory along the WHOLE way.

If I can save you a couple trips;

let me know.


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