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Rad Little Ladies

WordSmithery #1

CAUTION: contains cursing. Beware Little Ears.


In this four part series, (in link below) I will be orating a short story written from a vignetted excerpt of my personal journal.

Come with me through the metaphorical gardens as I dare to, in my own voice and in my own words, poetically explore a triggering question that was asked of me long ago and then again, most recently.

This time around however, due to years of using nature and artistic expression as my medicine, I was prepared with Grace and Gratitude; not only for the curious mind that was asking, but for my injured internal mother AND my wounded inner child as well!

Using what some call my skill of "WordSmithery", I am speaking, through my own artistic expression, to mothers and nurturers of all kinds, especially those who feel inadequate on occasion or 'just not enough'. To those who are tired. Who feel the burden of criticism, be it from self (inside) or others (outside).

For those who hear the whispers of our ancestors regarding the bountiful crops that may be harvested; but only after seeding themselves toward the healing hills.

Particularly, through seeing themselves in a positive, self-appreciating light.

As a mother, I dare you to be bold, to be courageous. To Be You.

"Because that My Dear,


what Mother Nature intended!"

*I want to dedicate this first orated story, although rudimentary in nature, but still worth something, to my Sassy Little Soul Sisters. You know who you are!

**An additional and special shout out to Melissa Bingham for being here with me, in the pinch of this "production", like she has so many times before and lending me more than just a helping hand!


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