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Poised Ivy

The key to fitting in...

Is "to not to" at all.





and only then,

you are free to say,

(in my presence and have me believe) -

(as I speak to the "mirror"):

"I am authentic."

"I am strong."

"I am independent - yet so much part of the whole."

And that is where I find my peace.

Worshipping nature.

Hearing God's whispers.

Recording it.

Seeing Her master-pieced seedlings sprinkled here and there-everywhere,

even in the reputation of all the "poison".



A sacred plant,

a wise one,


Strongly rooted in spirituality.

Completely able to show itself;

balanced in its feminine Yin and masculine Yang,

Glowing with dignity & grace or,

If need be-

for survival of the fittest mindset -

capable of strangling,

to death,

"invasive intruders".

Kept contained only by the strongest of those who can hold.

Known to rip man made "platforms", constructs & buildings to shreds.

Or hang,

elegantly silent on the brick and "martyr".

Coming back moon after moon:

Regardless of the conditions.

Leaving always a trace to remember.

Already ancient in a vintage garden.

A powerful,

conscientious plant.

To say the least.


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