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Now's The Time - Welcome Aboard

Hello passengers!

Buckle up and get ready!

Please prepare for episode #3 where these two playful, yet mission-serious soul sisters continue navigating their journey through life, living and working with all things intentional. Expect a bumpy ride at first as Tara openly reveals her nervousness about doing so, yet takes “control” of this craft (of podcasting) for the first time under Melissa’s close guidance.

Although a bit awkward & nerve wracking at the start, they manage to maneuver pretty quickly & get right back on course with talk about oracle card readings. Hang tight as the ladies pick up a passenger along the way! That’s right! A live guest!

Join the three women as they set off by revisiting the card reading from episode #2 RE: “Awareness “.

Betsy Robbins is a long time CA resident & was one of the first friendships Tara made upon her move from Chicagoland to CA. Betsy courageously volunteers to hop on board & shares what the “Awareness” card PINGED in her.

Listen as these soulful & spirited characters reminisce about their first meeting & tell tidbits of their card reading history. They talk briefly about the importance of “energy flow” in homes or office environments (Feng shui) & quickly move into other territories of talk.

Learn what makes Betsy tick in terms of the rising societal issue of homelessness & what she does to counteract it; volunteering with Humble Design as an action step.

The sisters speak casually about the importance of doing their grief work regarding the loss of their brothers, who synchronistically, share a name.

Stick around for some talk among tattooed women. Passively experience another card reading as Tara facilitates her guest into a place of safe energetic connection… where Betsy leans into exploring the healing of her love wound.

Continue tracking as they go deep into the winding highs & lows of choosing a spiritual lifestyle. Follow them in voice as they exchange practical application tips & ideas along the way... shared wisdoms intended to strengthen their individual connections with Source as well as with each other. Community in the making.

Be inspired as they encourage each other to “lift their gifts” & continue to be extraordinary ordinary people doing amazing things, especially in the realm of mind-body health & healing. Starting with self.

Listen in as friends talk as friends do.

Feel free to reach out to Melissa or Tara if you wish to have a card reading (private or as a guest on the podcast).

If you have a story that you feel moved to share contact us! Perhaps you will become a guest on Now’s The Time Podcast!

Now! Buckle up & enjoy the adventure of listening while on board this flight!

And don’t worry, we are almost “there”!

Visit socials to view the image of Betsy’s card reading.

Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards.

Author: Angela Hartfield

Artwork by: Josephine Wall

Blue Angel Publishing

Insta: The ShadowQueen’sDaughter


Facebook: Tara WFager

Melissa on Insta:


Melissa’s Facebook Group:


This episode’s “Big Ask”:

Do you value this content? If so, please consider making a donation to a cause of Betsy or Tara’s choice.

Betsy advocates for Humble Design. Homelessness is a complex, fast-growing concern for the San Diego area.

To support her efforts to counteract this, visit the link below.

Tara advocates for suicide prevention & awareness. To donate, please use her son’s direct link. He is raising funds for the 2024 Out of the Darkness Chicagoland Walk on Sept. 14th.


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