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Monday Mental Health & Wellness Plug



When we are sad, we often rock.

When we are lonely, we often rock.

When we are contemplating…we often rock.

When we are young, we love to rock.

When we are old, we love to rock.

When we are waiting in the in between, so many of us;

Know to rock.

In chiropractic school, someone once taught me that movement is life.

I remembered this somehow when I needed to most.

On the days that I couldn’t or wouldn’t or didn’t want to move…

I at least got up, sat up, & rocked.

Now, I simply make sure to rock a little bit each day.


In turn:

I have noticed, that my kids – tend to do it also.

My guests. When they arrive, if I show them to it;

they rock too.

They all find different ways,

but they all – keep on rocking (those who "rock" with me).

It is in our hearts.

It is in our bones.

It is in our nervous systems.

It is in our ancestry.

To find comfort in the times that we rock.

Movement is indeed,


Even if,

for a temporary time,

you are simply toggling –

Back and forth within the rock.


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