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Monday Mental Health & Wellness Plug...

"For those who tend to whisper, rest assured.

I don’t think I am better than anyone,

other than the version of myself a drop of time ago."


As someone who has experienced it from the inside out and outside in.

Sometimes, mental health care means:

Recognizing just that up there.

-Then, lifting the veil.

Sometimes, mental health care means:

Taking an extended & prolonged (more than) 1 year No Beer Challenge...

- I did that. (1/1/2020)

- All on my own.

Sometimes, mental health care means:

Having painful realizations...

- That cannot be fixed for they are in the past.

- Accepting that sometimes, they are not even OF my own past.

- Or worse yet, ARE from my own past.

-And either way, must be dealt with.

Sometimes, mental health care means:

Having the gumption and gull to give the gratitude it takes…

- to own AND PUT TO USE how fortunate I am to have this time on my hands to, NOT ERASE the mistakes through writing,

- but expand the story line with a different narrative,

- one geared toward healing a generational wound.

For self.

Perhaps for my children also.

Sometimes, mental health care means:

Having the courage to be BY myself in the ways I had always feared...

- yet coming to the end of each day

- feeling proud

- accountable

- and like I lived up to the mission I set out on that day

since I announced my “battle” with alcohol.

I did this all by simply doing one thing.

Practicing just a little AUTHENTICITY.

I wonder what A LOT would do.

I wonder because…

This is the third Halloween

that “I am”





All by giving myself permission,

to take the time I needed.

I needed a mental health moment.

… (it actually took me years),

to break from the typical Halloween scene,

to refuse the mask,

to observe and address my relationship with alcohol.

It turns out that I learned a lot about myself during that time away from it.

I learned that I’m a social drinker and for only really important celebrations.

I feel regret that I had to be a worrier and a warrior JUST to figure that out.

Especially since it’s only a shadow I was fighting with anyway!

But that is a regret I am willing to be burdened with because the other side of that battlefield offered me sweet redemption from the evil effects & spirits of alcohol.

This self portrait is dated one year ago.

For my own measurement sake.

“A Valkyrie of Sea Change”

Here’s to not living in anyone else’s shadow!

- no new costume for me this year -

as I am STILL

this woman!

In role and irl.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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