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May: Mental Health Awareness Month

Read the bold first. Then perhaps read again, this time taking a closer look at the "impressed" print.

In honor of myself during the month of mental health awareness,

and of my personal claim to being a living example,

an advocate for de-stigmatizing the complexities of the “situation”

Tip: Maybe consider avoiding the assumption or use of the words “disease” or “mental illness” when someone is trying to express their feelings and experiences about “this all”;

At least until you really have a close enough relationship with them, one that offers the safety and security to be exchanging such personal information.

I am NOT SUGGESTING ANYONE avoid the topic or the talk.

Simply put, I am impressing that certain verbiage – it can scare people…

into silence; particularly those who are trying to sort through the idea of:

“struggles and challenges versus illness or disease” within their mental makeup.

Regarding and surrounding mental health wellness, hygiene, and such,

I proceed in an effort,

to act in accordance

with EXACTLY what I advocate for.

Defining boundaries,

Setting goals,

Living by intention,

And accepting change, with Grace and Ease.

Not conceding, quitting, or surrendering, but instead,

meeting myself where I am.

Practicing Non-resistance…

as I transition into my next phase of life and accept my calling.

For years, I have been exploring how I take

all the things that I’ve collected,

before and after my first.middle.&last name,

And attempt to make “GOOD” by them;

Regardless of my “assumed mental health biography”.

Which does not have a hard-core diagnosis of any kind except,

if I would JUST “accept it”:

would read something like PTSD,

due to:

something I don’t want to put in print Yet.

Or maybe Ever.


The first day in May,

A month reserved for mental health awareness,

I live by example as I write:

"Sorry. Currently not accepting new clients.”

in my emails,

on my website,

and now finally, here on the blog;

(which is about to get a bit more personal in nature).

But I don’t do this with regret or hesitation.


I do it from a platform of empowerment,

(not to be confused with entitlement).

I do it because of what I have learned during my life experiences.

Thanks to my coaching career,

my chiropractic one,

my acupuncture one,

my teaching one,

my parenting one,

my artistic one,

I am able…

I am able

to take a big picture view,

break it down,

then integrate it all,

By making the decision that I did.

Yes, if truth be told,

Recently, I have been feeling the ‘pinch’.


Of having to choose between myself, my children, and my career.

I’ve also, within the past few days,

very respectfully and driven only by curiosity,

been asked by someone VIP in my life,


with all these degrees

and certifications

and labels,

including the learned experiences in between…”;

“Why don’t {I} just pick something and stick to it?”

So rather than explain,

I have chosen to SHOW.

I am taking all my “things”,

and molding them together,

into One Whole.

Instead of being a doctor or a coach or an acupuncturist or any parts of it;

I plan to be ALL of that,

and then some;


the act of writing,

for an undetermined amount of time.


picking something and sticking to it!

Especially since it has been in my mind’s eye for a long while now;

About one year and three months to be exact…

And what I choose

is to use all those things, accumulated before and after

my first.middle.&last name,

To write.

Because. My purpose in life is to write

and my desire,

is to be available,

to my children.

That “said”,

I choose author.


I don’t know exactly what that looks like.


starting today,

I am dedicated to finding out.

What I do know though,

based on the above, is:

-First and foremost, I will be maintaining my mental health.

-I will be maintaining my attendance in the master’s portion of the coaching certification program.

-I will be maintaining and possibly be graduating current clientele.

-I will be maintaining my continued-ed courses for chiropractic & acupuncture.

Again, I will be practicing only one thing:

I will be practicing my purpose,

which is to write –


And just like that,

I no longer feel the pinch of choosing between my children,

and my career,

or myself.

I get to have

and use

and do –

it ALL.

Living with mental health struggles,

can be difficult and debilitating…

Especially when the largest wound lies

once raw and too tender to touch,

now scabbed over with great prospects of further healing,

with as little scar tissue as possible…

Within the parent-child compartment of your mental, emotional, and physical components.

By acting in accordance with my true calling,

I can say that I am living in alignment with my belief system.

This is how I will continue healing myself first,

and maybe others too,

from afar,

through actions and writing.

Most importantly though,

with this choice

and practically applied action step,

I will be able and available

in quality capacity,

for my kids.

Because. Despite my desire to be a career woman…

I care more to be a good, stable, mentally healthy mother,

Who also, “does something”.

I am grateful that I was divinely encouraged by a VIP in my life,

to pick something and stick with it,

"I DID. & I DO."


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