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Alone Tonight, But Not Lonely

Tonight, I sit in my backyard feeling grateful.

That I accomplished a dream.

One that She and I dreamt up;

out there coasting along the rolling hills of the valley, in my childhood, country home.

One that includes a healthy;

mostly happy - pretty decently functioning - family unit...

With access for all,

to the same roof.



All inside, relaxing on a Sunday night,


after a long day (months) of service.

As I sit in my backyard garden - by myself;

for now -

as it feels right to me to do so -

and listen;

to birds sing "pretty bird" in retaliation to each other,

to the lull of cars and motor bikes, tandem racing along "out there",

and to the neighbors' dogs barking...

playing -

kids too, that I know,

some who had to fight just to survive -

now giggling...

And I think,


What a dream!

How great it is to be alive

To know all these "people and things"

Where both paths that lay before me,

lead directly...

To My Family Home.

Night or day.

Where Peonies, line the walk way.


Monday Mental Health & Wellness Plug

comes in poetic form.

A day in advance.

Imprinting the importance of not only maintaining,

but fostering

my very own mental health

as well as for Those That Are Mine,


Being grateful,

Present in the moment,



creating boundaries;

protecting space and time -

for Self.

*Just revisiting notes from my very own, innately designed curriculum:

Self Care-101


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