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The Caboose of Pride Month

Bonus Episode #8

Special Guest: Jeremy Grant-Skinner

Tune in to Now’s The Time Podcast with Melissa & Tara this week for a BONUS episode!  Listen in as they start like always, with an oracle card reading. This time for a true SKEPTIC! Continue to listen at your own leisure & for your own pleasure!

Why a bonus episode?

Tara decided last minute while hosting her soul-brother, Jeremy Grant-Skinner & their family for the Father’s Day weekend to ask Melissa for a “play date”.  She said yes! 

None of this was planned.  The timing simply allowed for the synchronicities to be threaded together and a BONUS piece produced!  Cherry on top?…all during Pride Month. Simply by happenstance!  

During their framily visit, the two old town friends decided to invite listeners on a ride as they explain how they are working to normalize many things during their legacy & life calling - but especially lending to the concept of soul family; doing this by calling themselves siblings for quite a few decades.  


Envision a train. 

Envision rolling through lush valleys, meadows, fields… mountains, hills.

Envision seeing rainbows along the way, through the storms, through all kinds of weather. 

Hear the whistle blowing.  See the steam strolling into the atmosphere. 

It’s coming through “town” not at the beginning of the month, but at the tail end of it.  Just in time to celebrate the Gays one last time!  At least in our family.

Get on board and roll through the vast mountains of memories as Tara & Jeremy “ride Caboose” with feet dangling freely - talking about the good old days.

Especially of Jeremy’s coming out!  Even Tara is outed for something!!

Be sure to take part in this adventure even if only vicariously - because these three know how to imagine, interact & play their way through some difficult topics; as always, speaking real hard truths, mostly unedited, yet manage to bring some light each time.  Even if just a flicker. 

In celebration of Pride Month, we offer you this spontaneous episode to close out with one more big bang (of rainbow sparkles, confetti, glitter &…ok not really but maybe!) 

This episode is dedicated to our loves who have laid foundational stepping stones in the world & realm of co-existence of all forms, but especially in June, in honor of the LGBTQIA+ Community. 

“All” it took was COURAGE.


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