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Tea Time with Melissa and Tara Podcast (Part 4)

Melissa Bingham with Tara Whiteman-Fager

Today I Choose Podcast
Tea Time with Melissa Bingham & Tara Whiteman-Fager

Welcome back to Tea Times with Melissa and Tara, I’m Melissa Bingham and in these special episodes of the Today I Choose podcast, I’m talking with Tara Whiteman-Fager as she shares the multifaceted storytelling behind the scenes of her upcoming book Scientific Poetry & Prose, an Abstract Prequel to the Talk & Tales of the Tattooed Women.

Talk and Tales of the Tattooed Women is intended to be her second publication and is the book that she initially had set out to write when she began this tattooing escapade so many years ago…dating back to her adolescence!

You can read all about the juicy details regarding her inking journey soon, in Scientific Poetry & Prose.   We are aiming for a February publication date.  Tara intentionally chose this month in honor of her biological Mother’s birthdate which is on 2/6  story Keep an ear out for the exact date.  We’ll certainly keep you posted!

Now, many of you listeners have already sat with us in circle and know that we don’t just stop there…

…simply talking about books and tattoos.

As a matter of fact, we’ve recently been told that some of our listeners have found inspiration in the words and ideas exchanged as Tara and I discuss little crumbs of our personal stories.  During past Tea Times, she and I had candid conversations regarding our experiences as friends, colleagues, and soul sisters.   We share talk about the tools we’ve used regarding our own healings.  And sometimes, but only with permission, talk about the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healings we’ve witnessed in others - those of who we work with in our leadership roles.

By now, our listeners know that when we speak of gossip with a purpose, this is what we mean.  Sharing stories of ours and those who have entrusted us to tell their tales…during Tea Times.  And sometimes…they even join in!

So, pour an extra large potion today…because this episode is packed with tips, tools, tales, and even a little chit chat with a guest who “spontaneously knocked’ on our door when Tara and I had just sat ourselves down for this week’s Tea Times!  We had invited her to join us last minute and weren’t sure if she could make it.  But she showed up!

Alright now, take a moment, get comfy and listen as we drop in, starting with a pre conversation between Tara and I, regarding our own experiences thus far, while in process of producing these books and in tandem, the podcast series - known to y’all as Tea Times.


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