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Tea Time with Melissa and Tara Podcast (Part 2)

Melissa Bingham with Tara Whiteman-Fager

Today I Choose Podcast
Tea Time with Melissa Bingham & Tara Whiteman-Fager

Welcome to this episode of Tea Times with Melissa & Tara – a place where women partake in an age-old tradition of talking openly, on record, about the things that go on behind their closed doors. All with a purpose of healing.

On today’s podcast, Tara and I continue to gossip with a purpose’ as she likes to say about her upcoming book, “Scientific Poetry & Prose” and how even the most simple things can be made sacred, even the inspiration for two of her tattoos!

Grab your potion and find your seat at the table, hear a bit more about the multifaceted “why” of this book.



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