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Repairing the Wheel

It’s just Melissa & Tara again this week!

Join them “in circle” for the first few minutes of the episode as they pause TO BE & TO BREATH.

Be reminded of where they landed last week while in the initial pioneering phase of exploring Now’s The Time’s New Frontier. You’ll feel included per their recap & reference to the archetype of Artemis, who we met originally through Melissa’s guided monthly moon meditations using Ariel Spilsbury’s oracle deck. Melissa’s meditations are one of Tara’s favorite mental health maintenance tools! To register for the next one on June 6th & for more details, visit Melissa’s website at TODAYICHOOSE.ME/MEDITATION

This week the “traveling women” continue to feature the topic of Mental Health through their discussion in honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month. Climb on up into their figurative “wagon” & settle in as Melissa intentionally grounds the recording in a swift manner, preparing for the long journey ahead.

Hunker down as this episode traverses several topics relating to Tara’s personal perspective & perception of her own mental health awareness & maintenance process.

Listen in as Melissa moves Tara side to side & yet still, in a gentle forward direction with each carefully thought-out question regarding her mental health journey. Through Melissa’s guidance, Tara shares tidbits of practical application tips & wisdoms that she learned along the way; both formally & informally, all in a practice to stabilize & maintain a mental health status that is beyond satisfactory given her biography.

As acknowledged, last week they “surveyed the territory” & touched upon this very important topic. Prepare for a more in-depth conversation as Melissa safely coaches Tara in using her voice as she speaks out in an attempt to raise awareness & to remove the associated stigma.

Tara’s talk & tales focus not only on the importance of mental health care awareness on a societal level, but more so, on her belief that the most integral part of it all, in terms of recovering yourself, comes down to establishing self-awareness & life balance. What’s more, is adherence to continued mental health MAINTENANCE on the whole self … accepting that the path to healing is not paved nor linear in direction or time.

By tuning in, become informed or simply reminded that when it comes to mental health, it is of utmost importance to remain active in YOUR own journey.

Perhaps become inspired!

Do it by listing as this dynamic, time traveling duo - share the reins on this topic.

Become intrigued about the quantum field of possibilities that exist in the healing realm… not that Melissa or Tara know them all, but they might know someone who knows something- that may help you pioneer your own path towards mental health wellness & balance.

Yes! The quantum field of possibilities that exists! Especially when spirituality & intention are at the forefront.

Lastly, learn about why Now’s The Time Podcast will be taking a live recording sabbatical…but don’t go too far!

Stay tuned & send positive vibes for some simple but sustainable changes to be made. We will be back up & running smoothly in no time! Without a doubt! Right after we take this brief pause to “repair” or perhaps even IMPROVE the “wheel’s” overall function!


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