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Now's The Time - Take Flight!

Listen in as Tara talks with Melissa about practical application tips she has gleaned from Melissa’s work. In this episode, specifically stimulated by Melissa’s word choice in her Monday Musings: “Curious".

The two chat as soul sisters do, openly and without hesitation regarding a myriad of topics. All parts of discussion apply to helping themselves and each other find ways to reach and maintain overall wellness in life - in spite of the turbulence living it sometimes offers.

Over the course of them sharing their journey, 16 years and counting, you’ll hear about journaling, oracle cards, meditation, word choice, verbiage (inner or outer), neurolinguistics, neuroplasticity, the topics are infinite!

This week, tune in as they become stimulated all from one word: curious…and then show in action, how they use these practical application tips to frame and manifest a life that serves them. How they humbly admit…they still have so much MORE to learn.

Find comfort, welcome and joy as they encourage and inspire each other to stay on course with the work that they do. Be it from the past, present, or the future they are working towards; be it as mothers, sisters, daughters, and independent thought leaders, they have an ironically inspiring - palpable commonality. They don’t like to sugar coat. They keep it real. They keep it raw. Hoping it makes it easier for others to relate and do as they choose.

This episode reveals the more playful sides of the women as they continue to speak figuratively about their adventures over the years, to the birth of Now’s The Time Podcast with Tara taking off, her first flight - from Melissa’s Today I Choose Podcast platform.

They engage and navigate all kinds of conversation with thoughtful provocation and in puny manners.

Find them here; likening themselves to air craft pilots or bridge builders on a mission. The mission being: healing through intentional living through spiritual practices and exercising their voices.

Standby as they speak truths through the bonds of a strong soulful connection, storytelling and working “within the spiritual” creative arts.

In this episode, you will discover how connected these women will get with each other and their extraordinary ordinary inner circles, all in the effort to lift each other up. To generate and perpetuate a healing vibe.

Stay till the end. We do an oracle card reading!

From Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards

Author: Angela Hartfield

Artwork by: Josephine Wall

For the image, see our socials:

Insta: The ShadowQueen’sDaughter @tara_wfager

Facebook: Tara WFager

Melissa on Insta: @todayichoosewithmelissa

Melissa’s Facebook Group: @everydaylivingwithintention


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