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Now's The Time - Pioneering & Exploring

In this week’s episode, join ‘Just Melissa & Tara’ as they take a good 5 minutes to settle in and then recap last week’s journey through special guest Nicole Vega’s 150 house plant collection; this for Melissa being foreign territory!

At the same time, Now’s The Time Podcast experienced some rough terrain. Regardless of the bumps in the recording quality, the wagon stayed on course to deliver an important message regarding May being National Mental Health Awareness Month. Through plant talk, they expressed how important it is to tend to the mind and heart connection.

Together they moved forward regardless of the outward appearance. It is a radical move in today’s world…to lean away from a woman’s societally programmed tendency to strive for perfectionism. Had they not forged on, there was a possibly of delaying the delivery of important wisdoms and necessary information.

They did so because pioneering is what they “intend.”

Pioneering is how they “empower.”

This week tune in as Melissa and Tara carry on as they hold a candid question and answer conversation regarding Tara’s personal journey with mental health and wellness challenges.

Learn why Tara and her son are mental health advocates.

Hear what action steps they take to bring awareness to their community. Get an honest answer of where Tara is in her mental health and wellness journey. Hear about a couple of her favorite “tools” for maintaining the balance. Become inspired and support Teen Team No Stigma member Chloe through her Garden Rock Fundraiser for the AFSP.

Bonus content:

Talk and tales of Tara, a tattooed woman - she hints at telling more about her very first marking and what inspired it!

Perhaps become intrigued by the story of her synchronicity recognized while in Melissa’s monthly moon meditation using Ariel Spilsbury’s ⁠13 Moon Oracle card deck⁠ featuring the Lady of Communion. (t)

Lastly, shift your energy and your biochemistry with a laugh or two while riding along with these ladies as they figuratively explore the new frontier of Now’s The Time Podcast. Feel connected as they honor each other, have fun learning about their multidimensional layers and most of all, be reminded of the importance of practicing self-care through intentional living.


Melissa Bingham

Instagram: @todayichoosewithmelissa

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TO PURCHASE the Lady of Communion (Artemis) New Moon Meditation RECORDING go to:

Tara Whiteman-Fager

Instagram: The ShadowQueen’sDaughter


Facebook: Tara WFager


13 Moon Oracle Card Deck

By Ariel Spilsbury

Support Chloe’s Rock Garden Themed Fundraiser:


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