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Now's The Time - Pardon the Interruption

Please pardon the interruption while these two down to earth women settle in from finally landed a figurative version of an aircraft last week. Stick with them as they navigate terrain & territory that was upon arrival, not exactly as expected.

Bear with them as they bump into unexpected sound & recording quality control issues. Don’t fret or drop out yet! Tara will attest to the amount of precision & prioritization Melissa brings to the adventure; in this case, she plays the VIP role of the Sound Enchanter!

So please do pardon any sound interruptions & roll with them as they push through this new “territory”, caravaning wisdom packed stories & holding conversations, embodying the role & playing the part of the covered vehicle in which these goods are stored. Stopping here and there along the way, talking and telling. Always exploring… constantly learning & as a byproduct, activating self-initiated healing.

At least that is the intention of Now’s The Time Podcast: to stimulate the idea of active, radical self-love with the intention to heal as the final but never-ending target.

In this week’s episode, you are invited to giggle at the banter, partake in the excitement & find some value in exploring the 150 plants that our guest Nicole Vega, (a fellow mom of teens, entrepreneur, podcaster, Youtuber & plant enthusiast) adopted & cares for!

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Nicole and Tara come together to discuss their original connection. It entails their teens who are actively working in the realm of mental health awareness, suicide prevention and advocating for the stigma of it all – ultimately to be removed.

Melissa listens in as the two friends talk about how they met, what they “do” and chimes in with notes of joy as she watches them grow excited while discussing their indoor gardens!

All three women partake in chitchat regarding the value of having plants in their lives; including but not limited to how it impacts their mental health maintenance & habits.

Guest Nicole Vega will enrich the listener with names & verbal descriptions of some of her favorite plants & tells why! On the spot, her aptitude and ability to help is displayed as she diagnoses Melissa’s plant named Wanda & suggests tips to resolve the issue pronto! Don’t worry, updates about Wanda’s recovery will be made accordingly on socials!

As always, receive a message from the oracle card reading. Become intrigued as Nicole curiously participates in her very first, conscious oracle card reading experience - EVER!

Sit back, relax and join in as these ladies pioneer on; continuing to lay the foundational groundwork in & among the new frontier of Now’s The Time Podcast!

Feel inspired as they teach & learn from each other. Become part of the connection through tuning in!

Discover how extraordinary ordinary people are taking action steps in the story of their very own lives with this month’s focus being on mental health & wellness!

Nicole Vega

Instagram: My Clean Leaves @mycleanleaves


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Mia’s Stickers Mia’s IG: @shopmiamichelle

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Melissa Bingham

Instagram: @todayichoosewithmelissa

Melissa’s Facebook Group: @everydaylivingwithintention


Tara Whiteman-Fager

Instagram: The ShadowQueen’sDaughter @tara_wfager

Facebook: Tara WFager



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