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Now's The Time - Landing the Craft

Bonus: Join Melissa Bingham & Max the Cat in the first 13 minutes of this episode for a new Oracle Card reading from the Sacred Rebels deck. Be prepared for a mini meditation as Melissa expertly guides Tara back into solo flight mode. Please ensure that you are in an appropriate, safe -to be still-environment while listening to this segment.

Next, tune into “Station TLW” & hang on tight as these soul sisters playfully ignite the imaginations of each other & their listeners. Consider time traveling with them as they step back in time literally & figuratively; continuing to talk on the topic of all things energetic, intentional & spiritual.

Tara speaks openly to Melissa (& listeners) about the cause of her latest growth spurt in spirituality. She reveals truths about the challenges and benefits of her most recent metaphysical experience post hysterectomy & jokingly compares the experience to flying an antiquated war craft through uncharted territory all the while, looking for safe landing!

Melissa expertly pulls through with support, offering expertise & personal experiences through her Monday Musings and monthly Moon Meditations. She provides a safe sounding board where they organize the completion of their original mission: the publishing of Tara’s first paper publication: “Scientific Poetry & Prose; An Abstract Prequel to the Talk and Tales of the Tattooed Women.”

Once grounded, listeners will become privy to how the final chapter came to be. Passengers will also experience candid conversation among the two pilots as they brainstorm about the next mission: the pioneering of future NTT Podcast topics!

Consider this a catching up & landing episode where the women’s vulnerabilities stand out but their strengths ultimately lead them to a moment of triumph through healing!

Become inspired by the impeccable, authentic & real-life connection between these women as they tell their stories of the turbulent yet joyful craft of navigating through life’s bewildering occurrences; big & small.

Sacred Rebels Oracle

Guidance For Living A Unique & Authentic Life

Author Alana Fairchild

Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Insta: The ShadowQueen’sDaughter


Facebook: Tara WFager

Melissa on Insta:


Melissa’s Facebook Group:



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