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Traumas & Triumphs: Neurology of the Heart, Self-Care, Tattooing, & The Mind-Body Connection

Melissa Bingham with Tara Whiteman-Fager

Self-care begins with intention!

In thispodcast, Melissa Bingham is very excited to share a beacon of intentional living, from her friend, Tara Whiteman-Fager. Tara has been living her life with intention for over 10 years, incorporating a mind-body approach to self-care. Each day, Tara practices intentional living through all aspects of her life, including her relationships, her work, her parenting, her artistry, her ancestry, her coaching, and more. What you’ll hear is a self-proclaimed “emotional warrior” with so much wisdom to give.

More about Tara: Tara has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from The College of Saint Rose, a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northeast College of Health Sciences (formally known as New York Chiropractic College), is Acupuncture Certified by National University of Health Sciences, is Webster Certified for pre- and post-natal care, and is currently enrolled in the Integrative Wellness Academy, working through the Masters Coaching Program and Emotional Clearing Method Healing Technique. Additionally, Tara is the co-owner and Vice President of Operations at Hands On Family Heath, P.C. More recently, Tara became the owner and operator of Now’s the Time Integrative Health and Wellness Life Coaching Center. Tara would say she is many things...among them a mother by instinct, a healing artist by choice, and a very proud dog mom.

We’re going to talk about so much, but some highlights include:

  • Tara’s choice to “sober” up from alcohol

  • Her advocacy for suicide prevention and mental health importance

  • Co-parenting

  • Her Personal healing choices

  • Navigating uncomfortable truths by dealing with traumas, trials, tribulations and transformations

  • Authentic-healing practices

  • Storytelling

  • And tattooing as a healing modality

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