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One-On-One Coachig
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One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Although there are many ways to glean complimentary ideas for independent self-discovery and healing found throughout this website, One On One sessions are your fastest vehicle for successfully navigating the “new you”. If you choose to take advantage of these powerful and focused sessions, we will begin with a thorough whole-health history paired with where you are now AND consider what your “big picture” goals are. Together we will break down the large and overwhelming parts “of change”,  mold them into more digestible action steps and use customized, appropriate, practical application tools to keep you moving forward.  You will be provided with customized support and guidance, as well as accountability; three key ingredients that are vital for success! 

Currently Not accepting New clients

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Energy and Holistic Work

In order to customize your healing journey and find what practical application tools best suit you, we will rely on teachings of the basic principles of self-care. Self-care may take on many forms. Some of the ways we will learn self-care is through introduction of energy healing work, basic acupuncture principles, meditation, yoga, chiropractic-based concepts, crystals, oracle cards, artistic expression, journaling/creative writing, the philosophy of astrology, anecdotal storytelling, foundations for forgiveness work through methods such as Ho’oponopono and ECM ©Integrative Wellness Academy 2022 (, understanding of basic physiology and nutritional guidance.  If more expansive knowledge is needed for any of the aforementioned, appropriate referrals will be made.

Energy & Healing Work
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