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Wed, Feb 14


Private Location

“Rediscovered” - Journey in Movement Event Sold Out!

A collaborative piece designed by Panda presented to you by Now’s The Time Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Center, LLC.

“Rediscovered” - Journey in Movement Event  Sold Out!
“Rediscovered” - Journey in Movement Event  Sold Out!

Time & Location

Feb 14, 2024, 7:00 PM – Mar 06, 2024, 10:00 PM

Private Location, Palatine, IL, USA

About the Event


READ ON if you want to learn more.

Weekly Event Series: 

  1. Wednesday, February 14
  2. Wednesday, February 21
  3. Wednesday, February 28
  4. Wednesday, March 6

Time: 7pm-10pm

Location: Private - TBA

Price: $100.00 per person

“Rediscovered” is an exclusive PPE (private-pilot-event).

FORTUNATELY, unfortunately - right NOW, at this exact point in time,  we cannot accept any additional registrations.

However, if you wish to pre-register for the next event, email  Pre-registration is FREE.  We will then send you an official  “SAVE THE DATE” announcement with all the details regarding the next PPE with Panda when it is all ironed out!

Hence, Pilot!

So what made it so special that it became a “registration full” event before it was even “for sale”?

Read about it and the artists below:

The Artists.  Already mutually entwined in a dance driven by desire to grow.

Miranda Ramirez-Felke goes by Panda.  She is a young entrepreneur in her early twenties who holds within her being, a deep passion for dancing and a story that only she can do justice and tell;  one of how she rediscovered who she was over and over again through dance.  Reclaiming parts of herself that were subject to hardships due to “getting into the wrong groups of friends, exposing myself to things I should not have,”…hurting in many ways due to physical and emotional breeches by her community.  Now, feeling supported by the women around her.   The circle she called in.  Especially expressing gratitude, even among the difficulties, to her mother “Cassie”, for getting her into an environment as early as age 2, where dance came ‘freely and naturally’ to her - as she was nurtured within the art form by her aunt.

Tara Whiteman-Fager is a middle aged entrepreneur and mother of three young men.  She holds within her, a deep pain because of her passion for dancing - any body movement actually; being humiliated and name called by her “own men”  in front of her “own women” for dancing on a picnic table in a colorful, chetah print bathing suit…when she was 7 - a child of a “mother with a reputation”.  Shame trickled down.  Tara’s body pent up, surrendered to the score,  only to recover and heal parts of herself, through, the art of somatic release by: moving her body combined with writing about it.   And until fairly recently, keeping it all under lock and key.

Pains, Pasts, Twists, Curves.  Combining our healing ways, dancing and writing, teaching each other and going first, letting other guests come forward  to do the same, but only if they so choose…to join us as we come together in circle.

Two women on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding dance and movement, merging in the middle way, to free selves, each other, and in general - women.  One way or the other!

Panda’s goal through this kind of work is to help others who “may feel trapped within themselves, set themselves free through exploration, self-acceptance, and self-love through movement and music.”  Sounds like a lot of self care!

Tara’s goal is to support herself, mental health in general, and Panda; being she is a reflection in some ways, of her younger self.  This is not a condescending view; this is a mutual energetic exchange among two woke women.  A recognition that we are, as Panda says, in the end: One. The same.  Something along those lines.  Tara would laugh and say we are living “vicariously through intention” and displaying what happens when we women, regardless of the differences, work under the umbrella of our “commonality in intention”.  Sounds like a lot of self awareness!

We work hard to provide a practical, private space that emanates with trust and safety and tolerates zero judgment in this container.

Consider it a self care class with some sisters!

Tara will provide a space to journal and connect.

Panda will further guide you along this journey through what is informally known as a “hips and heels” style dancing.  In addition to moving our bodies and tapping into our inner goddesses, the 4 week session will culminate with a trip into the city (Chi) to film what we learned about ourselves and each other.  Production date is weather permitting and therefore, TBD.

Sorry, no refunds.

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